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Manchu Tianming Khan (King)

Emperor Aisin Gioro Nurehaci





The Emperor Nurhaci was Kundulun Khan of the Mongols, and Khan (king) of the Jin in Manchuria. He was a Jurchen chieftain and the unifier of Jurchen tribes and founder of the latter Jin Dynasty in Manchuria. (1616-1626).


He reorganized and united various Jurchen tribes, consolidated the Eight Banners military system, and eventually launched attacks on Ming dynasty China and Joseon Korea. His conquest of Ming China's northeast laid the groundwork for the conquest of the rest of China by his descendants, who founded the Qing in 1644. He also generally credited with ordering the creation of a written script for the Manchu language. 


Nurhaci led many successful engagements against the Ming Chinese, the Koreans, the Mongols, and other Jurchen clans, greatly enlarging the territory under his control.

By May 1621, Nurhaci had conquered the cities of Liaoyang and Shenyang of Manchuira . In April 1625, he designated Shenyang the new capital city, which would hold that status until the Manchu Qing conquest of Ming of China. 


Nurhaci died September 1626 and his son Hong Taiji become Khan of Later Jin dynasty.



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