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Manchu Tianchong Khan (King),Mongol Da Khan( King), 

   Congde -Aisin Gioro Hongtaiji





The emperor Hong Taiji was a Manchuria TianchongKhan (King), Mongol Da Khan( King), and an Emperor of the Manchu Qing dynasty . He was responsible for consolidating the empire that his father, later Jin dynasty khan Nurhaci, had founded and laid the groundwork for the conquest of the Ming dynasty, although he died before this was accomplished.


He was also expounded of his people were from Manchuria and named Manchus  in  1635. and 

Changed dynasty from Jin to Qing  in 1636. Also Because his father, Nurhaci Khan did not assume an imperial title while alive, Hong Taiji was considered to be the first emperor of  Manchu Qing dynasty, Then his father Nurhaci Khan was posthumously awarded the imperial title, Hong Taiji is usually called the second emperor of the Manchu Qing dynasty.


Hong Taiji died on 21 September 1643 just as the Qing were preparing to attack Shanhai Pass, the last Ming dynasty fortification guarding access to the north China plains. Because he died without having named an heir, the Qing state now faced a succession crisis. The Deliberative Council of Princes and Ministers debated on whether to grant the throne to Hong Taiji's half-brother Dorgon – a proven military leader – or to Hong Taiji's eldest son Hooge. As a compromise, Hong Taiji's ninth son Fulinwas chosen, while Dorgon, alongside Nurhaci Khan nephewJirgalang, was given the title of "prince regent".


Fulin was officially crowned emperor of the Manchu Qing on 8 October 1643 and it was decided that he would reign under the era name "Shunzhi." A few months later, Manchu Qing armies led by Dorgon seized Beijing, and the five years old Shunzhi Became the first Qing dynasty emperor  to rule from that new capital.


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