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Cecilia Aisin-Gioro also known as Aixijueluo  Hengqin (愛新覺羅 恆欽),  She is the emperor Daoguang's descendant, the grandniece of the last emperor PuYi.  Her father was Aisin Gioro Yuyong  (1932-1973), the youngest of son of  Aisin Gioro  PuWei the last Prince Gong in Qing Dynasty. 

Cecilia (Hengqin)'s parents both died during later Chinese cultural revolution. She was then raised by her grandmother in a village in the Changbai Mountain of Northeastern China. It was her grandmother that introduced her to painting, both in terms of techniques and its impact on your way of thinking (“Painting can tell people what you cannot say in words. When you feel weak, painting can make you stronger. When you are lost, painting will remind you of who you are” ).

This laid the foundation for her future career as a painter. 
In the early years, Cecilia Aisin Gioro did not think to become a painter as she operated a number of successful businesses. Painting was more of a hobby, although some of her paintings now hang in the private collections of Chinese collectors. 

Cecilia (Hengqin) is the first and only oil painter in the Aisin -Gioro family and she studied with the famous Chinese artist Mr. Yifei Chen since 1992.
In 2001 Cecilia Immigrated to Canada. She ran her own business investment management consulting company, but she never stopped to use her brush and her paintings sold easily. 
Few years ago she had a lovely daughter, and she decided be come to a professional
Cecilia Aisin Gioro is pursuing portrait painting that combines elements of realism and romanticism. She has also developed a new painting technique based on Chinese traditional meticulous water colors but done in oil on canvas. She has continued to hone this style and her paintings are valuable by Chinese collectors. 

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