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The Aisin  Gioro Fine Art Gallery is operated by a descendant of the Chinese Qing Dynasty royal family, the director is the artist Cecilia Aisin-Gioro (Hengqin Aisin-Gioro). The gallery is museum style  and the only one in the world to be operated by a descendant of the royal family.  It mainly sells the own family's art work, and each piece has its own history or a background story. 

When you go to the gallery you may have the chance to watch a live performance of Manchurian calligraphy, together with explanations of Manchurian history and culture, the gallery also provides a unique and personal view of chinese history, which will give you a new understanding of China. 

Take time to sample the official Emperor's tea, or the imperial palace tea essence made by Aisin - Gioro family members under supervision in the Forbidden City of China.  You will also find Qing dynasty and Manchurian style artifacts to purchase as  mementos, or gifts for your friends and family.

The gallery is located at 119 east pender street Vancouver. British Columbia of Canada.  After you visit the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Chinatown which commemorates the person who overthrew the Qing Dynasty of China, take a few steps to find the art gallery of the Last Chinese royal family.  You may have the opportunity to meet the director, Cecilia( Hengqin) Aisin-Gioro, the grandniece of China's last Emperor Puyi and enjoy the paintings and some special tea.      

Today there are more than 100 famous artiss from the Aisin-Gioro family throughout the world. Painting is like a secret message to tell the descendants of Aisin-Gioro how to survive a hard life in China or elsewhere. This is a good way to collect their art works and get to know who they are and where are they from. 



                                                          Gallery  Service

Fine Art Painting: Fine art from the modern Aisin-Gioro family, and exceptional emerging international manchrian artists.

Commissions: Creating and design a special custom painting on canvans. The painting will be arrive on a strtched wooden frame. You can then hang it directly or order a classic frame of your choice.

Exhibition: We offer a private exhibibition space for emerging local and international artists.

Sculpture: consigments of hand made sculpture and pottery.

Appraisal and purchase: Chinese antique arts, jade,sculpture and porcelain.


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