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      Welcome you visit  our gallery  gift shop, We offers very special products you won't find  any where else. 

Our emperor's red and black tea trees grow high (over 2500 m) in the mountains of Yunnan province in China. The tea trees are all very old and hundreds were used to produce the tea for the Qing Dynasty emperors and the family Tribute tea.  

The tea leaves are harvested in the early spring and roasted in a process which is entirely organic. All our tea products are limited for sell in each year. 

The imperal palace tea essence made from a secret recipe under supervision in the Forbidden City of China.  This was Emperor Yongzhen's favourite tea and developed in Emperor Qianlong, it was a gift to England in 1792, and still display at the British Museum now. 

our gift  shop also sells mementos of the Qing Dynasty emperors, and Manchurian culture arts,  crafts, Tea set, cufflinks, jewelry, silk products and more...








      Great Qing Dynasty Gold madel Tea










         Eight Banners Yellow Wine


    Great Qing Dynasty Official Tea                   


    Imperial Red Tea


         Eight Banners Red Wine


     Harem Tea Cups


            Chrysanthemum Tribute Tea


           Imperial Palace Tea Essence



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